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New Pork City

New Pork City

Bacon World

Bacon World

School is Cool

School is Cool

World war pork

World war Pork

Pig castle

Pig Castle

Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs

 (quick rule before you read, Please do not edit because this is my work) King Pig has made a HUGE Army of pigs and there is no way to stop them. so mighty eagle gives the birds upgrades and he calls other species of Birds to Help him.

its up to You. can you defeat king Pig?

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Red - when clicked, he Transfigurates into Terrence

The Blues - Splits into 6 BIRDS That are stronger than the Normal Blues

Chuck - Goes so fast that head catches on Fire like an Asteroid rocketing down to earth and creates a big explosion when you hit something

Bomb - Bigger Explosion

Matilda - Deploys 3 eggs at once

Al - Control Where you want to go (simaller to reds mighty feathers)

Terrence - Growls Loudly and makes Bigger Impact

Bubbles - Bubbles Grows Bigger when puffed up

Stella - Grows one VERY VERY HUGE Bubble that lifts all the structures and pigs off the Ground, but it does not pop, instead the whole bubble explodes with everything inside of it

Mighty Eagle - still normal

Ice Bird - click the 3 targets of your choice and the ice bird will emit beams of ice out of his body and freeze the targets

And Introducing new Birds to help the flock defeat the pigs!

The Oranges - these are the Cousins of the Blues, Splits into 9 BIRDS that are stronger than the Upgraded Blues

Purple Bird (Martin) - Martin is no good at Gymnastics because when he trys to jump off the Balancing Beam he always falls over and Bellyflops, but hes use to Bellyflopping because its his abilitiy in game, Ability: Bellyflops

Brown Bird (Richard) - Richard is good Friends with Martin, even though Martin is not good at gymnastics they are still Friends. Richard is very good at gymnastics because he can wall jump, Ability: Riocheting off walls

Lime Bird (Dominic) - Dominic is very Caring for the Enviroment, but he hates it when he sees pigs hurting the enviroment. so he gets angry and summons vines to come pull down their tower. Ability: Summons vines to pull down towers

Dark Blue Bird (Micheal) - Matilda's Brother, Ability: Splits into 3 and deploys an explosive egg each

Army Bird - Ability: Machine Gun

Plane Bird - Ability: Missile

Flamingo Bird - Ability: Sticks to Structure, Bends over and Squaks Killing any pigs Flamingo bird Squaked at

Pelican Bird - Ability: eats up any structure near him

Puffin - Ability: Throws Book

Chrome Bird - Ability: Makes all the pigs Disapper

Sun Bird - The Oranges Father, Ability: Sends Sun down from the sky and destroys everything

Rain Bird - The Oranges Fathers Brother, Ability: Sends Lightning from the Sky

Mud Bird - Ability: Covers the pigs in Mud

Night Bird - Ability: The Sky goes dark and a shooting star comes and destroys everything

Gattling Bird - This bird is actually Al with a cannon in his Mouth, Ability: Shoots Bullets at pigs


Small Pig

Medium Pig

Big Pig

Corparal Pig

Devil Pig

King Pig

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New Pork City

Bacon World

School is Cool\

World War Bacon

Pig Castle

Golden Eggs

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