Angry Birds: The Final Battle WAR is the last installment of the Angry Birds series. It will be released in September 2018.


King Pig comes up with Plan AA and uses it. While the birds are sleeping, the pigs capture all of them except Red. There are machines guarding Pig Castle and there are new pigs. Red needs to save the flock and defeat King Pig for good. He must also save the eggs. King Pig succedes at eating the eggs and it changes EVERYTHING.

Playable Birds

  • Red (starts out with)
  • Chuck (save him in episode 1)
  • Matilda (save him in episode 2)
  • Bomb (save him in episode 3)
  • Jay, Jake, & Jim (save them in episode 4)
  • Hal (save him in episode 5)
  • Terence (save him in episode 6)
  • Bubbles (save him in episode 7)
  • Stella (save her in episode 8)
  • Ice Bird (save him in episode 9)
  • Mighty Hawk (serves as Mighty Eagle)

Non-Playable Birds




  • Marmoset
  • Big Marmoset

Time Villain Minions

  • Red Time Minion
  • Blue Time Minions
  • Yellow Time Minions
  • Black/Bomb Time Minion
  • White Time Minion
  • Green/Boomerang Time Minion
  • Big Brother Time Minion
  • Orange Time Minion
  • Pink Time Minion
  • Ice Time Minion

Mighty Creatures

  • Mighty Hawk
  • Mighty Unicorn
  • Mighty Phoenix
  • Mighty Octopus
  • Mighty Eagle (defeat him)
  • Mighty Dragon (defeat him)
  • Mighty Space Eagle (defeat him)


  • Episode 1: The Adventure Begins
  • Episode 2: Locked in the Factory
  • Episode 3: All Aboard the S.S. Sunken
  • Episode 4: Cold Cuts in a Black Hole
  • Episode 5: Move, Marmosetts, the Pigs are in Now
  • Episode 6: Angry Holidays
  • Episode 7: Flytraps Vs. Zombies
  • Episode 8: Second to Last
  • Episode 9: The Final Battle
  • Bonus Episode: Piggy Island is Saved for all Eternity


  1. Postman Pig 
  2. Chef Pig
  3. Dr. Pig
  4. General Helmet
  5. Mr. Moustache
  6. Pumpkin Seasonal
  7. Bunny Eared Seasonal
  8. Leprechaun Seasonal
  9. Santa Hat Seasonal
  10. Mauro
  11. Nigel
  12. Mighty Eagle
  13. Mighty Dragon
  14. Mighty Space Eagle
  15. Time Eater Bird
  16. Time Chomper Birds
  17. Time Cruncher Bird
  18. Time Swallower Bird
  19. Time Chewer Bird
  20. Time Chomper Bird
  21. Big Time Globber Brother Bird
  22. Time Devourer Bird
  23. Time Biter Bird
  24. Time Gulper Bird
  25. Time Gobbler Bird
  26. Girly Pig
  27. Prince Pig
  28. King Pig (Final Boss 1/3)
  29. Giant King Pig (Final Boss 2/3)
  30. Evil Dark Lord King Pig (Final Boss 3/3)

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