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  • In this game you will be able to play as the Birds and the Pork side in lots of exciting levels.
  • Most of the characters are Coloured Yellow.
  • Terrence - Homer Simpson (Terrence Simpson) - Burps a big cloud of Toxic gas
  • Matilda - Marge Simpson (Matilda Simpson) - Screams and Speeds up
  • The Blues - Bart, Lisa and Maggie (The Simpsons) - Spilts into 3
  • Red - Ned Flanders (Red Flanders) - Gers Stronger by glowing white
  • Bubbles - Krusty (Brusty) - Spin Attack
  • Bomb - Moe (Boe) - Faces the ground and thunderflops Pigs
  • Chuck - Mr Burns (Mr Chuck) - Throws Bomb (not the "Bird" Bomb)
  • Al - Millhouse (Millalse) - comes back like a boomerang
  • Mighty Eagle - God (Mighty God) - Destroys everything


  • Moustace Pig (Coloured White) - Billy the Kid (Billy the Pig) - Double Revolvers
  • Big Pig - Sideshow Bob (Sideshow Bacon) - Electric Handshake
  • Medium Pig (Coloured light blue) - Dr Collusous (Dr Pigosus) - Burps a big cloud of Toxic Gas
  • King Pig (Coloured Red) - Devil (Mighty Devil) - Destroys everything
  • Big Pig - Fat Tony (Fat Piggy) - Machine Gun that shoots 5 bullets
  • Medium Pig - Fat Tonys Henchman (Fat Piggy's Henchpig) - Machine Gun that shoots 3 bullets
  • Small Pigs - Kearny, Dolph and Jim (The Piggies) - splits into 3
  • Female Pig - Edna (Pigna) - Hypnotises Birds
  • Big Pig - Principal Skinner (Pigcipal Pigger) - Carrys Enda which makes him Stronger
  • Small Pig - Nelson (Pigson) - Laughs and speeds up
  • Big Pig - Hank Scorpio (Hank Pigsio) - Shoots Harpoon Gun
  • King Pig - King Snorky (King Porky) - Goes fast in water


  • Normal
  • Treehouse of Horror
  • Golden eggs

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