Angry Birds: The Lego Movie is a game based on the 2014 animated comedy The Lego Movie. It was released February 15, 2014, about a week after the Lego Movie was released. The original birds are in the game, and have their Lego Minifigure sprites in Lego Angry Birds.


Original Birds

Lego Movie Characters

  • Emmet - throws his hard hat; can summon his Construction Mech
  • Wyldstyle - throws explosive things at structures
  • Batman - throws 3 bat boomerangs
  • Vitruvius - strikes enemies with lightning
  • Benny - screams "SPACESHIP!" and locks on a target
  • Captain Metalbeard - swings arm at structure
  • Unikitty - gets angry and eats enemies
  • Superman - flies
  • Emmet's Construction Mech - equivalent of Mighty Eagle


  • Robots (Minion Pigs)
  • Bad Cop (Corporal Pig)
  • Micro Manager (Foreman Pig)
  • Lord Business (King Pig) (boss)

App store description

Chaos is going on in the world of Legos! The birds have traveled down the magic portal to the Lego universe and now must help the Master Builders defeat the evil Lord Business. In this Angry Birds game based on the blockbuster hit The Lego Movie, stop Lord Business from using the Kragle in 360 groundbreaking levels! 

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