Angry Birds: The Adventure World is a game.In this game the birds are on adventures and they gain new powers.


The birds were killing pigs when a cage appeared and it caged the birds and sent to the snowy place where the met the penguins.The birds were happy to see the penguins but they revealed that one of the penguins (Lovey) is missing.The birds gained new powers and had the penguins for help as well (only in The Penguins Back) when the pigs were sent there.


  • The Penguins Back
  • The Underground Adventure

More coming soon!


  • Red: Throws green lightsabre (the same from Angry Birds Star Wars).
  • Chuck: Same as Captian, the leader of the penguins.
  • The Blues (not splited): Spliting into 6 powerful versions.
  • Bomb: Spliting into 3 versions and then exploding.

More coming soon!

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