(To Orangebird736, this is not suppose to be a rip-off of Angry Birds: Mutated Birds, I just got the inspiration of the plot from Skylanders: Swap Force, not ABMB. I wasn't even thinking about your game at that time.)

Angry Birds: Stankified is a game in the Angry Birds series. Although not a sequel, the events take place after Angry Birds Breadwinners.


After the events of Breadwinners, King Pig orders one loaf of Stank Bread because it has an element called "Stanktaniun" in it that will "Stankify" any creature that absorbs it. Stanktanium doesn't just make a person's breath smell putrid, but makes them stronger. He'll also use it to Stankify everyone on Sheen so they can become his minions. King Pig tests the Stanktanium on two Tiny Pigs.



Enemy Pigs

Boss Pigs


  1. Clean, Green Sheen
  2. Discovery of Stanktanium
  3. Stankifier Factory
  4. Planet of the Stank
  5. Fortress Forest
  6. Fried Engines
  7. Stanktanium Mines
  8. Power Plant Garden
  9. Pig Citanky
  10. Mt. Stanky Dank
  11. The Future of Sheen
  12. Core of Sheen
  13. Stank Springs
  14. Space Stanktion
  15. King Pig's Stankified Lair
  16. Ultimate Stankifier



  • This is the second game where it is relevant that the birds live on Sheen, first being Angry Birds Go! 2.
  • Stank Bread is the only type of bread from Breadwinners that appears again.
  • Stanktanium is a portmanteau of "stank"; past tense of stink, and a lot of elements ending with "tanium".
  • The plot was inspired by Skylanders: Swap Force's plot.
  • Swine Troopers are the only enemy pigs that don't end their name with "Pig".

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