The Bird Comes To Spider-man universe in future and Spider-Man Fight Anti Venom And The Bird Is Sad about Amazing Spider-Man Died.The City Is Turning Darkness!


  • Red bird (screams)
  • Blue bird (splits into 3)
  • Yellow bird (speeds up)
  • Black bird (explodes)
  • White bird (drops egg bomb)
  • Green bird (reverses its direction)
  • Orange bird (infates)
  • Big brother (moans)
  • Magenta bird (shoots power rays)
  • Amazing Spider-Man (Web shots)
  • Spider-Man 2099 (Web shots



  1. The Story Will Begins.
  2. The Future is Dark!
  3. The Death And Rebirth of Red Bird And Amazing Spider-Man.
  4. Black Cat Take over!
  5. Back to the past.
  6. Atrocity Is Killing them!
  7. CEO Is a other parker
  8. Golden Web

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  • Full version

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