AB: ROTP is a angry birds game about a new evil has kiddnaped Female Red Bird & Female Whie Bird to destroy the world, but the good news is the eggs hatched. so it's up to the birds to save Female Red & White before it's too late!


  • Red Bird/Red Leader - Shouts Ca-Caw!
  • Blue Bird/Blue Rookie - Multipliys by 3
  • Yellow Bird/Speedster - Speeds Up
  • Black Bird/Splosivyo - Explodes
  • White Bird/Tiny - Drops an egg
  • Green Bird/Clumsy - Turns into a boomerrang
  • Big Bro. Bird/Mutant Red Leader - Moans
  • Orange Bird/Smally - Inflates
  • Ice Bird/Freezer - Freezes Pygmys
  • Brown Bird/Mudslinger - Slings mud and shouts "Quack".
  • Baksetball Bird/Sportster - Shoots Orange Eggs
  • Grenade Bird/Bomber - Drops a Grenade
  • Trainiax Bird/Trainiax - Spits a train

Add your own!


  • Normal Pygmy/Ooga - The leader of the pygmys
  • Smelly Pygmy/Booga - The one thats gross
  • Funky Pygmy/Dooby - That werid dude
  • Buck Teeth Pygmy/Nooby - A pygmy who talks like a caveman
  • Smart Pygmy/Klik - The one with sunglasses
  • Funny Pygmy/Klak - The one who likes to break stuff
  • Old Pygmy/Nooga - The weakest one
  • Baby Pygmy/Tooga - A baby version of Ooga
  • Ginger Pygmy/Fooga - A pygmy who proves he has a soul
  • Fast Pygmy/Jooga - A fast pygmy
  • Female Pygmy/Hooga - Ooga's wife
  • King Pygmy/Kooga - The King of the Pygmys


  1. Bashing the Islanders
  2. No girls for you
  3. Babys have hatched
  4. Froclking Feilds
  5. Hard Boiled pygmys
  6. Party Time
  7. Jungle Junction
  8. Birds Vs Pygmys: The Final Showdown


  • Golden Eggs
  • Level Creator
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Mini Games

  • Star Catcher - The Angry Birds are looking for stars, play as any bird in this to find all the stars!
  • Orange Bird Pinball - Orange Bird goes Pinball in his own Pinball Game!
  • Angry Pigs: Rise Of The Pygmys - The Birds aren't the only ones who are angry! the pigs are teaming up with the birds to rescuse Mustache Pig's girl of his dreams!
  • Music Birds - The Birds are ready to boogie the the music!
  • Cash Dash - Help the Red Bird collect enough cash before time runs out!
  • Squeeze-A-Pig - Stack many birds on pig as you can before the Birds fall!

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