Angry Birds: Rabbids Invasion is an Angry Birds-Rabbids Invasion crossover and is a sequel to Angry Birds Breadwinners. It introduces a new "bird"; Rayman.
Angry Birds; Rabbids Invasion

Angry Birds: Rabbids Invasion.


After the birds beat up King Pig in their adventure in Pondgea, peace was for the a milliomth time restored to Piggy Island. Out of nowhere, the evil Rabbids appear from their spaceship and they conquered Earth. Now they are going to conquer Piggy Planet, but not if the birds can help it. A Rabbid forces them into a portal that sends them to Earth where they are preparing to execute their arch-nemesis Rayman. Will Earth forever be ruled by the evil Rabbids? Play the game to find out.



Minion Rabbids

  • Tiny Rabbid
  • Small Rabbid
  • Medium Rabbid
  • Large Rabbid
  • Fat Rabbid
  • Female Rabbid
  • Helmet Rabbid
  • Moustache Rabbid
  • Helmet Moustache Rabbid

Character Rabbids

  • Mechanic Rabbid
  • Chronicler Rabbid
  • Professor Rabbid
  • Chef Rabbid
  • Postman Rabbid
  • Season Brothers
    • Pimpkin Rabbid
    • Bunny-eared Rabbid
    • Leprechaun Rabbid
    • Santa Hat Rabbid
  • Freckled Rabbid
  • Corporal Rabbid
  • Foreman Rabbid
  • Girly Rabbid
  • Princess Rabbid
  • Prince Rabbid
  • Queen Rabbid
  • King Rabbid


  1. Paris
  2. New York
  3. Tokyo
  4. London
  5. Sydney
  6. Rio de Janerio
  7. Easter Island
  8. San Francisco
  9. Washington DC
  10. Pisa
  11. Egypt
  12. China
  13. Arga
  14. Berlin
  15. Mount Rushmore
  16. Grand Canyon
  17. Chichen Itza
  18. Rabbid Planet


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