Something 40 This article is intended to be a joke.
Please do not take it literally.
Something 40

this is joke

Angry birds overpowered logo

the logo

angry birds overpowered is a joke game on level one there are 50 foreman pigs and there is one blue bird , if you fail , you can buy the mighty eagle for 29.99$ , on the second level there is a supermassive pig in a castle , you get one terrence , and on the third level there is a ultimate gigamassive cyborg pig , you get 80 terrences , and on the final level , there is a 5 year old mega uber super ultra hyper megamassive red-eyed monster pig , you get 20 reds 40 chucks 10 blues 60 matildas 5 chets and 30 hals , if you fail you can summon megeant for 99.99$

ABO level one

level one

ABO level two

level two

ABO level three

level three

ABO level four

level four

You failed

what happens when you fail level 4