Angry Birds: Mother 3 is a game created by Densetsu-no-Kabi and a crossover between Angry Birds and Mother 3.
Angry Birds; Mother 3

Angry Birds: Mother 3 logo.


King Pig is bored as usual and he wants to go to another demension. He sneeks into Mt. Fort Awesome and goes into the Interdemensional Doorway Room where he steals the Teleport-o-potty. Apparently, King Pig ends up on the Nowhere Islands and being his stupid self, he decides to release Porky Minch from the Absolutely Safe Capsule. From being released, Porky calls upon his Pigmask Army and Chimeras. They then plan to destroy the multiverse where only they live. King Pig, being controlled by Cardio, decides to team up with them.




  • Pigmask
  • Pigmask Captain
  • Pigmask Major
  • Pigmask Colonel


  • Flying Mouse
  • Really Flying Mouse
  • Reconstructed Mole
  • Cattlesnake
  • Dogfish
  • Top Dogfish
  • Parental Kangashark
  • Monkalrus
  • Slitherhen
  • Recunstructed Mole
  • Mecha-Mole!
  • Horsantula
  • Ostrelephant
  • Mecha-Lion


  1. Piggy Planet
  2. Sunshine Forest
  3. Osohe Castle
  4. Death Desert
  5. Chimera Laboratory
  6. Snowcap Mountain
  7. Fire Mountain
  8. Saturn Valley
  9. Argilla Pass
  10. New Pork City


Something5Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.

After being defeated, Porky's spider-mech breaks down and out of nowhere, Salsa comes and hijacks the remote. He then controls the spider-mech and when he gets it to the highest part of the atmosphere, he throws it off the 100-floor Empire Porky Building and it breaks. Porky then falls to the ground and somehow and unfortunately lives. His hoped-to-be corpse makes a crater that leads Underground where Lucas fought the Masked Man and pulled the last needle. Here are the Teleport-o-potties that King Pig stole and the birds used to get to the Nowhere Islands. They get in it and go back home. King Pig then uses the other one. Right before Porky could get in, King Pig literally slammed the door on his face and went into a deep coma. Then after

that, he presumably dies with all hope.


  • King Pig is the only pig that appears in the game, for the Pigmasks and Chimeras are the enemies of the game.
  • Piggy Planet is the only episode not set in the Nowhere Islands.
  • Porky is the first, only, and final boss of the game.
  • Excluding his playable appearances, this is the only game where King Pig is not a boss even though he appeared.
  • If Mother 3 was released outside of Japan, this game would've been called "Angry Birds: EarthBound 2."
  • If the original Mother was released outside of Japan, this game presumably would be called "Angry Birds: Earth Bound 3."
  • If EarthBound 64 wasn't cancelled it obviously would've been called "Angry Birds: EarthBound 64".
  • And if both of the following above than possibly "Angry Birds: Earth Bound 64".
  • The following below are all the possibiltites on its name if Mother and /or Mother 3 were released outside of Japan.
    • Angry Birds: EarthBound 64
    • Angry Birds: EarthBound 2
    • Angry Birds: Earth Bound 3
    • Angry Birds: Earth Bound 64
  • "Angry Birds: Piggy IslandBound" was a working title for the game. However, PIGGY PLANET  was only set in one episode.


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