I'm to bored to add something here.


  • Red - Screams
  • Blues - Splits into 3
  • Chuck - Speeds up
  • TNT Block - (Replaces Bomb) Explodes
  • Sheep (Replaces Matilda) - Drops an explosive wool
  • Stella - Blows bubbles, which raise into the sky
  • Bubbles - Inflates
  • Chet - Ricochets
  • Terrence - Fat and strong
  • Steve - Swings a pick, or axe, at the structure
  • Blue Moa - Flaps it's wings around, shaking up the building
  • White Moa - Flies straight
  • Deadly Obsidian (Replaces Deady) - TOTAL DESTRUCTION!!!


Small Pig - Silverfish (In Flatland) Endermite (In Dark Sky) Netherbug (In Evil Place) Aetherbug (In Heaven?) {Day and Night}

Medium Pig - Zombie (In Flatland) Enderman (In Dark Sky) Zombie Pigman (In Evil Place) Cockatrice (In Heaven?) {Night} Black Moa (In Heaven?) {Day}

Large Pig - Big Brother Zombie (In Flatland) Taller Enderman (In Dark Sky) Blaze (In Evil Place) Zephyr (In Heaven?) {Day} Tempest (In Heaven?) {Night}

Mustache Pig - Does not appear

Fat Pig - Giant (In Flatland) Ender Dragon (In Dark Sky) Zombie Pigbrute (In Evil Place) Aerwhale (In Heaven?) {Day and Night}

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