Not to be confused with the Minecraft Angry Birds Mod.


The day starts with the Black bird bringing the birds a computer,but a virus vaccums them into the computer.When they wake up they are stuck in minecraft.Then they found the pigs riding a saddled pig with the eggs.


Red Bird-Caws

Blue Bird-Multiplies

Yellow Bird-Speeds Up

White Bird-Drops Egg

Black Bird-Blows up

Big Brother Bird-Stronger Red Bird

Boomerang Bird-Can go backwards like a boomerang

Orange Bird-Can Inflate

Mighty Enderdragon(Purchase required)Destroys all the blocks in a line,Kills any pig

(BONUS)Creeper Bird-Black Bird Costume

Steve Bird-Sticks to a block and breaks it in some time


Gold Helmet Pig

Square Pig


Zombig(Zombie pig)

Pigiton(Skeleton Pig)


1-Plains Biome(2 Worlds)

2-Steve's House

3-Cave Swifts(2 Worlds)

4-The Nether

5-Nether Fortress Attack

6-The End

E-Diamond Eggs

B-As Strong as a Stronghold.

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