Angry Birds: Lost is a game in the Angry Birds series.


The Pigs' Plan: What are those silly pigs up to now? The birds investigate. (Introducing Red, Chuck, the Blues, Bomb, and Matilda)

Strange Shores: These don't look like Piggy Island's beaches... (Introducing Hal and Pelly )

Thick Forest: There are too many trees! These would provide perfect cover for something sinster...

Vacant Village: Look, a village! But nobody's here... 

Ambush!: Boars! (Introducing Terrence and Bubbles)

Nightfall: The village was destroyed! We need to find shelter fast! (Introducing Sven)

Crystal Caves: These caves are...lit up? How strange... 

Mine of Misery: There's a mining operation down here! What are they searching for? 

Blackout: Huh? Who turned out the lights? (Introducing Bulby (page pending))

Frostbite Mountain: Brr! It's really cold! (Introducing Crystal and Esla)

High in the Sky: We're on our way home! (Introducing Stella)

Back to Piggy Island: There's King Pig! GET HIM!

Golden Tikis (BONUS)



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