Angry Birds: Labernith is a puzzle game for iPod. It is a Angry Birds themed Bejewled clone.

  • Story: The Pigs trap the birds in a labernith and go after their eggs.

  • Birds:

Red Bird

Blue Bird

Yellow Bird

Black Bird

White Bird

  • Pigs

Minon Pig

Helmet Pig

Grandpa Pig

King Pig

Space Pig

  • Modes

Bird Mode: Play 1 player with birds.

Birds V.S. Pigs mode: Play 2 player with Player 1 as Birds, and Player 2 as Pigs.

Timed mode: Just like Bird Mode, only timed.

Survial mode: No jumbles.

  • Gameplay

Match up 4 birds or pigs of the same type to get points. Remove all birds or pigs to win. Click on 2 birds or pigs to swap them.

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