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Angry Birds: Infiltration, Operation!
Angry Birds Infiltration Operation.jpg
"Defeat King Hamilton in this awesome new Angry Birds platformer Game!!"
Length (in levels) 15 Chapters
Developer(s) Angry Birds GamerZ Inc.
Publisher(s) Angry Birds GamerZ Inc.
Release Date March 16, 2016
Platforms PC (Steam), PC, XBOX One, Wii U, PS3, PS4, iOS, Android
Created by Angry Games for U
Number of Episodes 15 (Currently)
Genre(s) Platformer

Bird App Store Description

Angry Birds is now an awesome RPG Platformer!!!!

DISCOVER HIDDEN REALMS- Realm of Eggs and Pork Chop Planet!!

MANY AWESOME CHARACTERS!!!- Collect and upgrade your roster!!

SUPER FUN MINIGAMES!!- Mighty Eagle and Almighty Falcon have a lot in store for you!!

AWESOME GAMEPLAY!!- Secret Rooms, Hidden Treasures, WHO KNOWS???

NEW AND COOL PVP ARENA!!- Fight other players around the world and rank in the leaderboard!


Super Fun Game!- Some Gamer, 4/5


Chapter 1- Tower of Bravery

Red and the flock were protecting the egg, while the devious King Hamilton, the even hungrier brother of King Pig, was plotting to make a very big castle base so he can rob the Realm of Eggs and trap the birds in devious challenges!!

<<<<<FOUR HOURS LATER...>>>>>>>

King Hamilton sent a lot of pigs to steal the eggs, they also trapped Matilda, Bubbles, Hypno, Wendy, and the rest of the gang into a slot machine, hosted by a Slave Pig. Red, Bomb and Chuck team up to fight King Hamilton.


[LEADER] and his/her group defeated Porkules, King Hamilton's Warrior. They are close to King Hamilton's nearest castle.

Chapter 2- Rapunpig Tower

After getting out of the first castle, the Pig Guards steals Red and Bomb/Red and Chuck/Chuck and Bomb from your team! Luckily, egg tokens are a trend in the Realm of Eggs, and you need to give your egg to the Slave Pig to get a new bird!

Cutscene 2

After you defeated the fake Princess Snouty, your leader realizes that its a trap.


The team defeated Prince Snouthead and Princess Snouty. You see that King Hamilton is planning a major attack on the Realm of Eggs.

Chapter 3- The Decision (on Mobile)/ The Team Up Tower

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Your team charges to the third tower, wrongfully spelled by a Dumb Pig Guard, "Tem Op Tuwer". But before you charged in, the Slave Pig gives you a random Rare bird (excluding Robo-tilda, Robo-Chuck and Pig Mechanic).


After defeating King Hamilton, Queen Porkchops asks your leader if he/she want the pigs to join the roster.

Good Ending of Chapter 3! (Achievement)

Allow the Pigs to join.

Porkchopper (Achievement)

Don't allow the pigs to join.

Chapter 4- New Friends, Old Foes (Pigs Recruited)/ Let's Chop Some Pork! (Only Birds)


Chapter 5- Snowy Peak Castle


Chapter 6- Return to the 1st Castle

You and your leader

Chapter 7- Turn the Light Off, Pigs!



Common Tier

Chuck- Team Birds

Bomb- Team Birds

The Red Fan- Team Birds

Slave Pig- Team Birds

Duke Porkcheeks- Team Pigs

Duchess Matilda- Team Birds

Matilda- Team Birds

Uncommon Tier




Slave Pig Warrior

8-Bit Red



Nearly Rare Tier



The Duke of Nests

Nestle Bird

Mini Dragon


Matey Bird

Rare Tier

8- Bit Bomb

Soap Opera Stella



Pig Mechanic

Pork Suckula

Pirate Bird

Very Rare Tier

3D Red

The Blues


Corporal Pig

Watchamacallit Bird


Epic Tier


Team Selection

After defeating King Hamilton for the 1st time, Queen Porkchops asks your leader (Whoever you assigned in the Roster Selection) if Team Pigs can join.

Good Ending of 3rd Chapter Trophy- Allow Team Pigs to Join.

We Shall turn you to Porkchops Trophy!!- Don't allow them to join.

Slave Pig's Slot Machine

"Oh, well, please step in and get a free bird! Only 1 Egg token!"

- Before ending Chapter 3

"Oh! You picked the Pig Team to join you? Well, I will join your team of birds!! Can I just change the price to 100 Bird Coins?"

- After picking the Pig Side to join your Team of Birds

Mighty Eagle and Almighty Falcon's Game Fair

"Sorry, you need to get 3 Eggs to join our Game Fair."

- Before getting 3 Eggs

"Ah, [NAME OF LEADER] and your master, [YOUR NAME]! We have been expecting you, come and join the fun!"

- After Getting the eggs

Mini-Games and their Rewards

Red's Slingshot Bonanza

Use the slingshot to earn prizes! Land on the King Hamilton slide to get a jackpot!


500 Bird Coins if you land on the money bag

3D Red if you land on the 3D Glasses

Slingshot Bird if you land back on the Slingshot.

Royal Roguepig if you land on the JACKPOT.

Terence Roll

Roll, roll and roll to get a prize!

Tower List

The Secret Level

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Go to the 30th castle. Go to the puzzle. Switch to Fiery Bomb and use his special ability, You will fight Hamil-bot and after you defeat him, you will get a Legendary-tiered Death Bomb, which cant be unlocked from the slot machine.

Five Nights at Hypno's

Something5Spoiler warning!
This article contains plot details about an upcoming episode.

If you choose to betray your old team to join "La Syndicate", Hypno gives you a bad look (or Red if you don't have him) and traps you in Hypno's/Red's Family Fun Diner.

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