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Angry Birds: Frozen is a game based on a movie: Frozen.

NOTE: The story in the movie and the story in the game has slight differences.


Pink Bird as Anna (child) - acts like a red bird.

Pink Bird as Elsa (child)- throws ice shards that does damage.

Pink Bird as Anna (teen) - has a torch that acts like a lightsaber.

Pink Bird as Elsa (teen) - throws bigger ice shards that does medium damage.

Red Bird as Kristoff - uses an ice pick.

Green Bird as Oaken - acts like a green bird.

Big Red Bird as Sven - acts like a Big Red Bird

White Bird as Olaf - splits into five (head, 2 hands,2 feet).

Blue Bird as Trolls - splits into 5, does medium damage.

Black Bird as Pabbie - does magic, that damages heavily

Yellow Bird as Hans - has a sword that acts like a lightsaber but damages heavily.



Pig as Dummy Snowman - has other variants.

Pig as Marshmallow - has other variants, but slightly stronger.

Pig as Wolves - has other sizes.

Pink Bird (What!?) as Elsa - throws ice shards, breaking projects on its way.

Foreman Pig as Duke of Weselton - acts like a Foreman Pig.

Corporal Pig as Duke of Weselton's Bodyguards - acts like a helmet pig.

Red Bird (What!?) as Hans - acts like a Queen Pig, has a sword to slice fallen projectiles.


Pink Bird as Elsa - throws ice shards, breaking projects on its way.

Yellow Bird as Hans - acts like a Queen Pig, has a sword to slice fallen projectiles.

Cutscene Characters

Pink Bird as Queen

Black Bird as King

Red Bird as Kristoff (child)

Red Bird as Sven (child)

White Bird as Olaf (Not Alive)



Wood and metal projectiles will not appear here. However, different types of ice (replacement of glass)

Thin Ice - Acts like a glass projectile.

Thick Ice - Acts like a wood projectile.

Hard Ice - Acts like a metal projectile.



  • Playground - The tutorial of the power-ups.
  • Snowman Builders - unlocks Anna and Elsa (child)
  • The Coronation Night - unlocks Anna and Elsa (teen)
  • Oaken's Wandering Post and Sauna - Unlocks Kristoff and Oaken
  • Snowman's Alive - Unlocks Sven and Olaf
  • The Frozen Heart - Unlocks Trolls and Pabbie
  • Duke's Revenge - Unlocks Hans
  • The Unexpected Twist
  • Hans' Plan


NOTE: The story of the movie and the game are different.

Snowman Builders

Anna shakes Elsa to wake her up, but she ignores. Anna chirps something on Elsa's ear, which is to build a snowman. Elsa makes everything related to snow, and trains Anna to fight using Dummy Snowmans. At the end Elsa makes Anna ice cold, and be healed by the trolls, but they force Elsa to not show her powers again.

The Coronation Night

After Anna and Hans' marriage proposal, they went to Elsa to celebrate their proposal. Elsa ignores it, and Anna made her fear even bigger. Elsa's true powers revealed that night, which mistaken the Duke of Weselton as an evil sorcerer.Elsa, more frightened than ever, she made lots of Marshmallows all over Arandelle, and escapes. 'Let It Go' video came after it. At the end, Anna was lost.

Oaken's Wandering Post and Sauna

Anna went into a store called Oaken's Wandering Post and Sauna. She went to buy winter equipment, she saw that Marshmallows attack the post also.Then, Hans came. Willing to fight the Marshmallows, they set off. After the fight, Hans was kicked by Oaken's after chirping something. Anna bought the equipments Hans need and wants to go to North Mountain. During riding the sled, Wolves came to attack. At the end, the sled were gone, but at least Anna, Hans, and Sven are saved.

Snowman's Alive

Anna, Hans, and Sven came to an unknown tree, then Olaf came. After talking, the Marshmallows strikes again. At the end, Elsa meets Anna once again, with Olaf beside her, but strikes Anna ice cold.

Frozen Heart

Hans led Anna to the trolls, and Pabbie shakes his head that he could not heal a frozen heart. Once again, the Marshmallows strikes in a small army. After the end Hans led Anna to Arandelle.


Ice Shard

The replacement of Mighty Eagle, except that you will tap your selected location.

Icy Sling

The replacement of Sling Scope.

Queen Sling

The replacement of King Sling. It has Elsa's face carved at the sling.


Teaser #1

Angry Birds logo slightly begins to freeze... (Lasts 5 seconds)

Teaser #2

Angry Birds on a deep, deep snow, that it only shows his feathers. (Last 10 seconds)

Teaser #3

Bomb fighting Marshmallow!? (Lasts 10 seconds)

Teaser #4

A close-up of Marshmallow fighting the bird, Marshmallow sees the camera and wrecks it. (Lasts 12 seconds, 3 seconds blurry)

Teaser #5

The Angry Birds: Frozen slowly appears then suddenly dissappears. Lots of gameplay that lasts 30 seconds. Then, the birds magically transform, with Frozen Costumes (Lasts 45 seconds)


  • There is a video cutscene which Stella as Elsa sings 'Let It Go' by Idina Menzel. Stella only sings in chirp voices. There was an option if you want to skip the video, or to replace Stella's chirps to Elsa's voice before starting the video.
  • In this game, heroes (Elsa and Hans) can be enemies, let alones bosses as well.
  • The wolves has now a long appearance.

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