Angry Birds: Fantastic 4

Angry Birds: Fantastic 4 was made by rovio and beenox on december 16, 2012


Richard Seed, Hen Grimm, Blue Storm and Johnny Storm bird are exposed to cosmic rays and gain special abilities.


Mr. Fantastic Bird (red bird that stretches his beak)

Invisible Woman Bird (blue bird that attacks with force fields)

Human Torch Bird (yellow bird that bursts in to flamesand can seriously damage structures)

Thing Bird (big brother bird that is made of rocks)


Henchman Pig

Mole Man Pig

Anhilus Pig

Dr.Doom Pig

Galactus Pig (secret pig, final boss in episode 6)


1:Rise of the Fantastic 4

2:Dr. Doom's Revenge

3:Danger in the negative zone

4:Underground Birdies (pt. 1)

5:Earth's Core (pt. 2)

6: The ultimate battle

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