The Furious Birds after breaking out of their cages.

This game is the prequel to Lethal Birds.


The birds and the pigs are captured by scientists and have to work together to escape.

Birds and Pigs

Red- Nothing, but Squawks when tapped

Terrence- Same as Red Bird, but causes more damage

Chuck- Speeds up when tapped

Bomb- Explodes when tapped

Matilda- Drops an egg bomb when tapped

The Blues- Turns into 3 smaller birds when tapped

Hal- Acts as a boomerang when tapped

Bubbles- Inflates when tapped

Brown Bird- Bounces and Riochets when tapped

Stella- Blows bubbles

Small Minion Pig- Nothing

Medium Minion Pig- Nothing

Large Minion Pig- Nothing

Helmet Pig- Nothing

Foreman Pig- Nothing

Construction Pig- Nothing

Queen Pig- Nothing

King Pig- Nothing


1. Team-up

2. Impact

3. Lava

4. Unescapable

5. Brake-Out

6. Crash

7. Finale

Unlockable Bird

When buying an Angry Birds: Captured plush toy, you get a code to unlock the Lime Bird and use it in Angry Birds: Captured.

Unlockable Level

When buying an Angry Birds: Captured plush toy, you get a code to unlock a new level called Underground Passage.

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