Angry Birds: Breeding is an app that is supposed to be used in tandem with any game from the Angry Birds franchise.


After downloading the app, it can instantly be started. Should you have another Angry Birds app in your device, you can add the birds unlocked in the app into Angry Birds: Breeding. In Breeding, you must select two different birds, and then add them into the Chamber of Love. After a day, an egg will appear. Move the egg into the Hatchery, and wait 2 days. The bird will emerge from the egg, and then you can move it into any Angry Birds game. To use it, select the heart button, then the bird will be in the menu. If you select it, it will be added to your line-up. The walktrough for the bird appears after it hatches. Want/need to see it again? It will be with the other bird tutorials!

Eggs can also be traded: by choosing trade in the main menu. A list of names will appear. At the side of the name, the colors of the parent birds are listed. You must then pick a name, and your eggs will be traded.

Try many combinations! Who knows, maybe you'll get a rare bird!

  • Eggs will be Easter eggs if you download the Easter special.
  • Buy the mutinator for 1.00 to give your eggs. the mutinator will make the bird it hatches into have random stats.


  1. Red + White = Pink (not real version) (when screen is tapped, turns into plasma)
  2. Yellow + White = Lemon (when tapped, dashes, dropping egg-bombs while still flying)
  3. Blue + White = Sky (when tapped, seperates into three birds who drop one egg each)
  4. Black + White = Gray (when tapped, releases egg which explodes 3 seconds after landing)
  5. Boomerang + White = Leaf (when tapped, releases eggs while turning around)
  6. Orange + White = Peach (when tapped, inflates and releases eggs while deflating)
  7. Red + Black = Maroon (when tapped, explosion is larger than normal Black Bird)
  8. Yellow + Black = Olive (dashes, ad upon impact, explodes)
  9. Blue + Black = Navy (seperates into three birds, which detonate on impact)
  10. Boomerang + Black = Dark green (spins and explodes)
  11. Red + Blue = Purple (when tapped, shoots bullets)
  12. Orange + Black = Dark orange (Inflates and explodes)
  13. Orange + Boomerang = Mud (spins and inflates, becoming a giant saw)
  14. Blue + Orange = Forest (splits into three small inflating birds)

Secondary Combinations and Mixed Generation Combinations

  1. Mud + Forest = Ground (splits into three spinning, inflating birds like saws)
  2. Maroon + Boomerang = Fuschia (spins backwards and detonates largely)
  3. Leaf + Peach = Plant (when tapped, turns around, inflates and drops eggs while deflating)
  4. Mud + Plant = Tree (when touched, crushes anything it lands on)
  5. Purple + White = Lavender (when tapped, shoots bullets and drops egg bombs)
  6. Gray + White = Light Gray (drops egg bombs and)


Note: if a cross generation bird, add the two parent birds' numbers up and divide by two, like an average. Ex. a third and a first would produce a second; a third and a second would produce a 2.5th, etc.

First Generation

  1. Red Bird
  2. Blue Bird
  3. Yellow Bird
  4. Black Bird
  5. White Bird
  6. Boomerang Bird
  7. Terence Bird
  8. Orange Bird

Second Generation

  1. Pink Bird
  2. Lemon Bird
  3. Sky Bird
  4. Gray Bird
  5. Leaf Bird
  6. Peach Bird
  7. Maroon Bird
  8. Amber Bird
  9. Navy Bird
  10. Dark Green Bird
  11. Purple Bird
  12. Dark Orange Bird
  13. Forest Bird
  14. Mud Bird

Third Generation

  1. Ground Bird
  2. Fuschia Bird
  3. Plant Bird
  4. Tree Bird
  5. Lavender Bird
  6. Light Gray

More Coming Soon!

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