The Bird War III has begun! Thousands, no..BILLIONS of countries have been destroyed. Piggy Island is at risk. Can the Birds and Pigs save themselves? Guide the Birds and Pigs through different puzzles full of eggs (Fun actually) and pork! Unlock Extras such as photos not given anywhere and bird sketches by the creator (UdayRana1) itself!


To pass a level, you have to complete certain puzzles like jigsaw(Not the dude from SAW)s, Connect the Dots, Boulder Menace, and Mazes with obstacles. You get stars according to the time you take to complete a puzzle. This is basically your Angry Birds Activity Book on your phone! And with Extras! Free of corse!


Completion of game - Creators Autograph, Pig Mode (Bad Piggies instead of Puzzles), Bird Sketches, Angry Bird fan photos not seen anywhere

Secret - Unlock Time Trail. Hint: Found in a place where bacon is seen.

Secret 2 - This is a secret. Nothing can be told. Hint: In a place where.......AWESOME!!!!

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