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Angry Birds: Battle for Piggy island and Bikini Bottom

Release Date



E10+ For Cartoon Violence


PS3 PS4 PSVita Xbox 360 Xbox One

Angry Birds: Bfpi&bb is when angry birds, and spongebob collide.


The birds are watching the eggs on a plain, with Their friends from bikini bottom. Then king pig and plankton show up and threaten to destroy them, they battle them, and win. Then king pig and plankton continue fighting despite their failure. When Red trys to defeat him king pig punches back, knocking him out.

Later, red wakes up in a Red-shaped crater. He looks around for a bit, then finds spongebob. They then begin their long adventure.

Eventually, the two have found their friends and have gotten to and defeated king pig, and completed their adventure.


The gameplay is similar to what the game is based on, Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom.

Before entering a level, the player must choose one bird and one spongebob character.

To switch between characters in gameplay, the character the player is using will jump into a nearby sinkhole, and then the other character the player selected will jump out of the sinkhole.

Playable Characters


Name Unlocked at Attacks Abilities
Red Start of game Punch, Peck Can access areas no one else can
The Blues After helping them in the haunted graveyard Bird stack, Peck x3 Can fit in tight areas
Chuck After finding him in The Plain Dash slice, Time stop Can activate speed challenges
Bomb After helping him in Chirpy Fields Explode, Ignite Can destroy rocks
Matilda After finding her in The Creepy Caves Egg toss, Kiss Can use eggs to enter blocked-off areas
Hal After helping him in The Chirpy Desert Boomerang, Tornado Summon Can use Tornados to destroy Duplicators instantly
Terrance After helping him in The Giant Forest Incredible Strength Can pick up and toss large objects
Bubbles After helping him in Tha Cliff Balloon Powers Can float
Stella After finding her in The Disgusting Sewers Blows bubbles Bubbles can trap villains

Spongebob Characters

Name Unlocked at Attacks Abilities
Spongebob After finding him in The Plain Uppercut, Bubble The only character that can bungee jump
Patrick After helping him in Chirpy Fields Belly Flop, Net Spin Can catch jellyfish in net for a bonus
Squidward After helping him in The Giant Forest Ink sac toss, Tentacle Whack Can use tentacles to climb up certain areas
Sandy After helping her in Tha Cliff Karate Chop, Lasso Can use lasso to fly across large gaps
Mr. Krabs After helping him in The Creepy Caves Punch, Grab Can activate strength challenges
Gary After helping him in the Chirpy Desert Shell Wack, Slime Can slither up steep areas
Pearl After finding her in The Haunted Graveyard Stomp, Cry Can blow air out of blowhole to float


Trader: A friendly pig you can trade things with.

Postman Pig: A pig who resides in The Plain. If the player ever gets stuck on a level, he can give you tips on how to beat it. And, if you have 10 jars of jelly, he will reward you with a star.

Robo-Red: He gives you advice on how to obtain more Shiny Things.

Robo-Spongebob: He tells you where to find jelly.

Chet the Brown Bird: Chet owns the stadium (He is playable through cheat codes).

Samuel the Purple Bird: Samuel appears all throughout the game (He is playable through cheat codes).


The Plains: The Hub World, 8 stars can be found here.

  • The top of king pig mt. - Get to the top of king pig mt.
  • How about make it a trade? - Trade 1000 shiny things with trader.
  • Find Spongebob - The first star you get in the game, you earn it by helping him.
  • To the top of tree a - Climb the tree with an a on it.
  • To the top of tree b - Climb the tree with a b on it.
  • Annoy Robo-Red - jump five times around him.
  • Annoy Robo-Spongebob - jump ten times around him.
  • Please keep off the nest - crush the nest.

Chirpy Fields: A pig has badly injured bomb, the dam is breaking, and all is not well in these once peaceful fields. You don't need any stars to enter.

  • Find Band-Aids for Bomb - Find 5 boxes of band-aids and get them to bomb.
  • Top of the hill - Get to the top of the hill using a bird.
  • Bungee Jumping - Bungee Jump of a cliff using SpongeBob.
  • Fix the Dam - Find a rock and push it where the dam was as Mr. Krabs.
  • Patrick's Dilemma - Bring a flower to Patrick.
  • Drain the Lake - Turn off three faucets to drain the lake
  • Slide Jump - While sliding, jump off at the end to a suspended platform.
  • BOMB! - Use Bomb to break open a rock.

The Birdy Desert: In this hot wasteland, Gary has nearly dried out, and The robot customer from Plankton's Army has stolen all the desert turbans. You need 5 stars to enter.

  • Bring Gary to an oasis - Take Gary to the nearest oasis.
  • Find a sand sample for Hal - Find Hal's cup and fill it with sand.
  • The underground cave - Look for the cave.
  • Fill the lake - Use Pearl to fill the lake.
  • Find all the desert turbans - Help Samuel find 10 desert turbans.
  • Bungee Jumping - Bungee Jump into the pyramid using SpongeBob.
  • Survive the heat - Make it through the heatwave as a SpongeBob character.
  • Defeat Robot Customer - Locate Robot Customer and defeat him.

The Disgusting Sewers: These sewers are filled with toxic waste, if you touch it, you die, but there are worse things to worry about. You need 10 stars to enter.

  • Navigating the toxic sewers - Pass 3 of Samuels Dares.
  • Finding Stella - Rescue Stella from the suspended platform.
  • Slip sliding away - Slide down the slide.
  • Bungee Jumping - Bungee Jump into a pipe using SpongeBob.
  • Toxic Fishing - Fish for toxic fish.
  • Beat Gary's time - Do it under 1:30.
  • Timed jumps on moving platforms - Impossible Jumps!!!
  • Beat Bombs Time - Do it under 3:00.

Chet's Stadium: Helmet pig has taken over Chet's Stadium, so you must defeat him to help Chet regain control of it. You need 15 stars to enter.

  • Rumble in the Stadium - Defeat Helmet Pig

The Creepy Caves: Mr. Krabs can't find his way out of the illusions of the caves, and Stella lost her math books in this horrible underground wasteland. You need 25 stars to enter.

  • The illusional caves - Find your way to a star.
  • Help mr. Krabs - Help Krabs get out of the caves.
  • Look for the math books - Find the 5 math books as Stella.
  • Bungee Jumping - Jump down a shaft using Spongebob.
  • Find the exit - Find the way out.
  • Hal gets steamed - Jump over some steam vents using Hal.
  • Turn around - Jump into certain shafts with Hal.
  • The highest point - Stand atop the tall pillar.

Tha Cliff: Poor old bubbles fell off the cliff, Sandy is trapped under a rock, and Plankton's Robots from Konputer Overload are terrorizing the area! You don't need any stars to enter.

  • The hut at the end of the rainbow - Reach the top of the Level.
  • Rescue Bubbles - Find a rope and lower it down to the ledge.
  • Bungee Jumping - Bungee Jump down a pit using Spongebob.
  • Help Sandy - Use Bomb to destroy a rock.
  • The only way to fly
  • Cliffside dash
  • Beat Stella's time
  • Defeat The Robots

The Tall Forest: A very giant forest, with lots to be done! Like vine slidding, and helping Terrance. You need 30 stars to enter.

  • Vine sliding
  • Rescue squidward
  • Cutting down trees
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Help Terrance
  • Robots and pigs don't mix
  • Vine sliding too
  • Beat Pearls time

The Factory: Mustacheio is wreaking havoc in the factory, and you must stop him before he goes haywire. You need 40 stars to enter.

  • Mustachio Ahoy! - Defeat Mustachio

Bikini Bottom: Now you have to traverse spongebob's hometown. Which is very VERY dangerous. You need 50 stars to enter.

  • Not the city it's too dangerous!
  • Save The Krusty Krab
  • The locked door
  • Toppling Buildings
  • The Cave
  • Fire Underwater
  • Junkyard Junk
  • Chimney Cleaning

The Haunted Graveyard: In this once peaceful cemetary, ghosts have risen. And plankton is wreaking vacoc! You need 60 stars to enter.

  • Destroy 10 graves
  • Beat Squidwards time
  • Destroy 20 graves
  • Beat Bombs time
  • Destroy 30 graves
  • Beat Mr. Krabs time
  • Help The Blues
  • Defeat Plankton

Red's Dream: Since Red is asleep, this world tends to be much of an obstacle course. You don't need any stars to enter.

  • Chucks Dream
  • Patricks Dream
  • Bombs Dream
  • Squidwards Dream
  • Hals Dream
  • Spongebobs Dream
  • Talk to Terrance
  • Obstacle Odyssey

King Pigs Castle: This is the last and most secret world of all. Here king pigs scheme is revealed. You must defeat Robo-King Pig to win the game. You need 75 stars to enter.

  • The Final Battle: Defeat Robo-King Pig
  • The Pork Shall Rule! or not...: Shut down Robo-King Pig from the inside.


Robot Customer

Helmet Pig

Plankton's Robots



Robo-King Pig

King Pig


Minion Pig: The most common enemy in the game. They attack by slamming there face against the player.

Hypno Pig: Same as Minion Pig, but with red, swirly eyes.

Flying Pig: A pig that flys. Only air-based tecniqes can defeat this enemy.

Ghostly Pig: A ghostly spirt that can sense you coming. Only long-ranged tecniqes can defeat this enemy.

Monster Pig: A very strong pig capable of killing the player in one hit regardless of how many bird feathers the player has left.

Robot: A small robot that shoots lasers at you.

Hammer: A robot that carrys a hammer to slam you with.

Shooter: A flying robot that shoots rockets at you. Only air-based tecniqes can defeat this enemy.

Disappear: A robot that can disappear when you get close. Only long-ranged tecniqes can defeat this enemy.

Giga-bot: Same as monster pig.

Duplacator4000: Theses machines count as enemy spawners in the game, and they will keep spawning enemys until destroyed


Bird Feathers: Theses items count as lifes for the player. There are three upgrades for the life bar that can be found at the plain. The first gold feather is hidden behind a rock. Another gold feather is under the nest. Another gold feather is on top of king pig mountain. You can find more feathers in more dangerous areas.

Stars: Stars are the main item in Angry Birds: bfpi&bb. You use them to access new areas in the game. There are 100 stars in the game. Stars can be obtained by competing certain challenges such as collect 1000 shiny things, defeat a boss, or destroy graves.

Shiny Things: They can be found all though out the game. They have red's face on both sides. They have 5 colors each worth different amounts. Red=1 Yellow=5 Green=10 Blue=25 Purple=50. The higher the amount, the more rare they are.

Jellyfish Jelly: There are 10 per level(non boss levels and the hub). If you return 10 to postman pig, he will give you a star

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