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Angry Birds: Avengers is a game of Angry Birds saga. In this game, the Angry Birds are the roles of the heroes of the movie The Avengers. The game has the Avengers and other heroes.

In this game Pig King is Loki and dominate the world by eating the eggs of Angry Birds. After fighting him, Angry Birds should deter other famous villains.


The Angry Birds of this game are:

Avengers Birds:

Red FuryNick Fury(Red Bird) - Sqwak!

Iron ChuckIron Man(Yellow Bird) - Accelerate with turbo.

Captain BlueCaptain America(Blue Bird) - Splits into three, defends shots with the shield.

Thor BombThor(Black Bird) - Explode into eletricity.

Matilda WidowBlack Widow(White Bird) - Egg toss, kick when hitting.

HalkeyeHawkeye(Boomerang Bird) - Flip like a boomerang and shoot arrows.

Hulk TerenceHulk(Big Brother Bird) - Overwhelming force.

Other Heroes Birds:

Super EggSuperMan(Egg) - He is a Bonus Level character, your hability is fly and shot wind.

Spider Bubbles - Spider Man(Orange Bird) - Sweel and shot spider webs.

Miss Stella - Miss Marvel(Pink Bird) - Create bubbles loaded with electric power.

Crystal Fist - Iron Fist(Ice Bird) - Explode into ice and rocks.

Mighty Quinjet - Avengers Quinjet(Eagle) - Defeat all enemies of the level.


The Piggies(enemies) of the game are:

Loki Pig

Bomb Pig

Bad Robot Pig

Venom Pig

Gangster Pig

Red Hulk Pig(Fat Pig)

Red Skull Pig

Whiplash Pig


The game has nine episodes:

1-Avengers Training

2-Loki Destruction

3-A Bad Clone?

4-Iron Chuck's Armor

5-Military Battle

6-Save The Civilians!

7-Spider Man Extreme

8-Miss Stella and Crystal Fist, Go!

9- Protect The City

10-Bonus levels

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