Angry Birds: Atlanta Falcons

Angry Birds: Atlanta Falcons was realeased by rovio on November 25, 2012


Bomb Bird

Mighty Atlanta Falcon

The Mighty Atlanta Falcon

Red Bird (he is wearing a falcons jersey)

Big Brother Bird

Yellow Bird

Green Bird

announcer bird (only appears in the background)

Mighty Atlanta Falcon


Note: All pigs are wearing the jerseys of the opposing team

small pig

medium pig

Large pig

helmet pig

moustache pig

king pig

Announcer Pig (appears in background with announcer bird)

Levels  Released yet?

@Kansas City  Yes

Vs.Denver  Yes

@San Diego Yes

Vs.Carolina  Yes

@Washington  Yes

Vs.Oakland  Yes

@Philidelphia  Yes

Vs. Dallas   Yes

@New Orleans  Yes

Vs.Arizona  Yes

@Tampa Bay  Yes

Vs.New Orleans  yes

@Carolina  yes

Vs.New York Giants  yes

@Detroit  yes

Vs. Tampa Bay  yes

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