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Angry Birds: Android in Space is a game by Rovio and Blackplus Games. It released in 2013.12.13.


One day, the flock see a green wormhole. They jump into it. Then they fly into space and see the angry Android Bird in front of some planets, occupied by pigs.

"These planets are my homeworld, but now invaded by pigs. Can you help me?"



1. Cupcake Crusaders

2. Donut Defense

3. Eclair Mountain Erupted

4. Furious Froyo Fight

5. Gingerbread Sphere

6. Honeycomb Homeworld

7. Icicle Ice Cream Sandwich

8. Jelly Bean Jumpin'

9. KitKat Krash

10. Lil' Sweet Lollipop

Golden Android Heads (Replaced Golden Eggs)

Bad Apple (It's a minigame. Every time you open it, it shows a level of the game, but pigs are replaced by iPhones, iPads, iPods and Macs. And a Pro Tip! Apple Inc. logos here worth 3000 points!)


Red Bird

Yellow Bird

Blue Bird

White Bird

Black Bird

Big Brother Bird

Green Bird

Orange Bird

Pink Bird

Android Bird

Chrome Bird

Space Eagle (Buy once, unlimited use. $0.99.)


  • The game just released for Android & PC and not released for iOS and Mac, due to Blackplus' CEO's android-loving and his feud with Apple Inc.
  • Chrome Bird is odd in this game. He just came as a playable character because Google supported the game.
  • Because it's a collection of dessert-themed planets, some people wrongly thought it's a sequel to Angry Birds Space, exclusively for "Utopia" episode.

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