Angry Birds: African Safari is a game that takes place in several African locations, from obscure ones to popular ones.


While some members of the Flock take care of the newly hatched chicks back on Angry Birds island, the majority travel to Africa on a sight-seeing tour. Red took a thing; Chuck took a thing; and Stella took some things. Each episode, the gang are deprived of one of - or part of - one of these items; obviously by the pigs, who want to obtain the information the flock obtains. The flock also meet up with a nameless emu, who agrees to assist them in their quest of retrieving.

Pig Health

The pigs' health are now shown as health bars. Nifty, eh?

  • Small Pig - 4
  • Medium Pig - 5
  • Large Pig - 7
  • Helmet Pig - 13
  • Large Helmet Pig - 17
  • Moustached Pig - 24
  • King Pig - 40
  • Miner Pig - 25
  • Pink Pig - 3
  • Obese Pig - 35
  • Grassy Pig - 10
  • Stupid Pig - 8

Birds To Use

Impacts with low momentum will only hurt the pigs by 1.

  • Red. With his camera, you are able to see the location of his impact, similar to the Sling Scope. Impact hurts pigs by 5.
  • The Blues. Upon splitting, they make a different pattern than usual (.:). Impact hurts pigs by 2.
  • Chuck. Equipped with his Cyclops-style goggles, he can use the power of infared to light a specific part of the piggies' structure on fire for a short time. No matter where you "fire-tap", Chuck will still be speeding ahead, but with slightly less power - because, you know, FIRE. Fire hurts pigs by 2 per second. Impact hurts pigs by 7.
  • Bomb. Now has his Short Fuse power at all times. It has a little bit more range, in turn of dealing a bit less damage to piggies. Electrocution hurts pigs by 1 per second. Impact hurts pigs by 6.
  • Stella. Her bubbles will cause nearby pigs to automatically approach them. Said unfortunate pigs will then be lifted up by the bubbles. Bubble capture and pop hurts pigs by 2 respectively. Impact hurts pigs by 3.
  • Hal. Nothing new to see here, besides some smoothing out. Impact hurts pigs by 8.
  • Nameless emu. Has a flight path that ignores gravity. Also has a ground pound that is more powerful depending on how high up the emu is upon use, though it does completely remove the whole anti-gravity thing. Ground pound hurts pigs by 1 for every "2 heights of emu". Impact hurts pigs by 3.
  • Goat. Does nothing. Coffee Stain Studios just wanted a sponsorship.

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