The Pigs have a meeting to get rid of the birds and break the world because the birds had freed Blue Bird in the previous game (Angry Birds: 50), and steal the Eggs. The Birds knew this with the new Spy Goggles so, the try to get rid of the Pigs again.


1. My Eggs Only

2. Sling Into Wonder

3. Hungry Pigs

4. Eggs For Dinner Tonight

5. Zombie Pigs' Revenge

6. The Meeting Of Doom

7. Now You Egg Me, Now You Don't

8. The Eggs Are All Mine

9. Birds To The Rescue

10. Bring On The Dinner

11. Egg-Tastrophe

12. The King Battle

13. Finale


Red Bird: Call out a bird noise.

Blue Bird: Splits into three.

Yellow Bird: Speeds Up.

Black Bird: Explodes.

Boomerang Bird: Reverses it's direction.

Big Brother Bird: Calls out a deep bird noise

White Bird: Lays a Plastic Egg.

Orange Bird: Inflates.

Purple Bird: Eats, and poisons Pigs.

Midnight Bird: Kills Pigs faster.

Rain Bird: Makes rain fall on Pigs.

Mighty Eagle: Destroys everything in it's path.

Sun Bird: Scorches Pigs with the Sun.

Snow Bird: Freezes Pigs when tapped.

Mighty Dragon: Like the Mighty Eagle but, better.

Imitater Bird: Can imitate the bird you sling next to the Imitater Bird.

Gold Bird: Kills everything by using gold rays.

Disco Bird: Like the Gold Bird but, wait for a while.

Fire Bird: Breaths fire on Pigs.

Ice Bird: Shoots ice on Pigs.

Charcoal Bird: Burns objects, and Pigs in it's path.

Chicken: Stronger than the Red Bird.

Chick: As strong as a Red Bird.

Brown Bird: Shoots Mud at Pigs.

Pacbird: Eats Pigs in a Pacman way.


  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Large Pig
  • Big Pig
  • Pig Big
  • Helmet Pig
  • Candy Cane Pig
  • Moustache Pig
  • Red Pig
  • Blue Pig
  • King Pig
  • Queen Pig
  • Female Pig
  • Devil Pig
  • Underwear Pig
  • Metal Pig
  • Metal Helmet Pig
  • Metal Moustache Pig
  • Metal King Pig
  • Zombie Small Pig
  • Zombie Medium Pig
  • Zombie Big Pig
  • Zombie Helmet Pig
  • Zombie Moustache Pig
  • Zombie King Pig
  • Giant Pig

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