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Angry Birds: 200 was released in 2016

Loading Screen.


  • Crystal Bird
  • Butterfly Bird
  • Big Brother Bird
  • White Bird
  • Green Bird
  • Orange Bird
  • Blue Bird
  • Black Bird
  • Crow
  • Fish Box Bird
  • Female Red Bird
  • Nyan Bird
  • Pig Bird
  • Pink Bird (Angry Birds Seasons)
  • Brown Bird
  • Purple Bird (Redbird07)
  • Orange Ice Bird
  • Mud Bird
  • Ice Blue Bird
  • Red Ice Bird
  • Pink Ice Bird
  • Ice Bird
  • Midnight Bird
  • Mouse Pointer Bird

(add a bird if you want but not other birds like Mighty Bird)

Pigs (The Bad Team)

  • Small Pig
  • Medium Pig
  • Large Pig
  • Helmet Pig
  • Mustache Pig
  • King Pig
  • Chef Pig

More Bad Team

  • Nigel (Rio mode)
  • Marmoset (Rio mode)
  • Mauro (Only in bosses)

More Rio Mode

  • Caged Birds

Space Mode

  • Fat Pig (Utopia)
  • All of the pigs (Many levels)



  1. The Stolen Eggs
  2. The Pigs Trap
  3. The Mega Pig 9000
  4. Chef Pig's New Machine (Coming Soon)
  5. The Mega Pig 9000 Strikes Back (Coming Soon)
  6. Piggy Attack (Coming Soon)
  7. The Final World (Coming Soon)
  8. Golden Eggs
  9. 10 Hideouts


  1. Get Angry Birds Space
  2. Get Angry Birds Rio
  3. Get Angry Birds Seasons
  4. Get Angry Birds HD
  5. Get Angry Birds
  6. Get Angry Birds Ninja
  7. Get Angry Birds Galaxy
  8. Get Angry Birds Monsters
  9. Get Angry Birds Space 2
  10. Get Angry Birds Space 3
  11. Get Angry Birds Space 4
  12. Get Angry Birds Space 5

Online Games (only on Mac and PC)

  1. Play Angry Birds Chrome
  2. Play Angry Birds Facebook



Angry Birds Dance Club Remix04:11

Angry Birds Dance Club Remix

The theme song is The Dance Club Angry Birds Remix

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