The splash screen.

Angry Birds: 16 is a new game. The game was released on November 24, 2013.


The birds have been succsessful since Angry Birds: 10. But back at king pig's lair, the pigs stolen the eggs again. In the third episode, the birds and pigs go into a portal to the real world. The portal takes them into the NASA Apollo 11 at the Kennedy Space Center. Will the birds get the eggs back? Or will the pigs cook the eggs?


  • Red Bird (Red)
  • Blue Birds (Jay,Jake,Jim)

    A pig in real life; from episode 4.

  • Yellow Bird (Chuck)
  • Black Bird (Bomb)
  • White Bird (Matilda)
  • Boomerang Bird (Hal)
  • Big Brother Bird (Terence)
  • Orange Bird (Bubbles)
  • Ice Bird (Crystal)
  • Pink Bird (Stella)
  • Hawk
  • Rainbow Bird (Orangebird763)
  • Pig Bird
  • Orange Ice Bird
  • Water Bird
  • Mighty Eagle (Mighty)
  • Mighty Dragon (Dragon)
  • Crystal Bird (Maya Lvl 4)



  1. Hard Boiled Eggs
  2. Easter Egg Hunt
  3. The Portal to America
  4. Superstar Saga
  5. Nuclear Pigs
  6. Golden Eggs
  7. Fire Chaos


  • Apple iOS
  • Android
  • PC
  • Mac
  • DS
  • 3DS
  • Wii
  • Xbox 360

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