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The pigs and birds are doing a stunt face off!




  1. Freeway Frenzy (Hit The car)
  2. Motorbike Mayhem(Race In 2 Pigs)
  3. Wave Catcher (Catch the pigs in the boats)
  4. Air Chase (Recause The birds)
  5. Golden Wheels
  6. Photo Fit (Fix the picture)
  7. Skate Park (Skateboard Moves)
  8. Loosen Up (The Karate Moves)
  9. Pizza Overload ( 3 Parts)
  10. Trouble In Store ( 4 Parts)
  11. The Birds Vs The Pigs (The final battle)
  12. Full Movie (While you finish the game)

Theme Song

Club Penguin Music - Puffle Launch Theme03:59

Club Penguin Music - Puffle Launch Theme

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