Angry Birds:Tower Defence is based of balloons tower defence you use birds to stop pigs when pigs go to the eggs 100 times you lose


  • Esay
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Expert
  • Sandbox
  • Online
  • VS



  • Blue Pig (2 hits)
  • Large Pig (3 hits)
  • Yellow Pig (4 hits)
  • Fat Pig (6 hits leaves 2 pink pigs after being defeted)


  • Red (150 coins)
  • Boomarang Bird 9300 coins
  • ninja bird 500 coins
  • bomb bird 500 coins (must be placed on road)

hot air bollon bird 1000 coins (must be placed on corners)

presable birds

migty eglae deytroys all pigs in a wave

migty dragon same as eglae

snow bird turns pigs into ice blocks

stuff its on

xbox 360


wii u


vs mode

this is on gamecube and xbox 360

the players can play as birds or pigs

rules for pigs

place pigz to avoid birds

to win get to the eggz

to win

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