Angry Birds:Toilet Underpath it's about the birds entered in a pig toilet world.


When Red,Chuck and Blue Jay go in a enormous water park.After they all wanted to go toilet,they got locked! After they entered in a mystery entrace they got in a pig toilet utopia.


The teaser starts showing Red,Chuck and Blue Jay happyly entering in a enormous water park,redy to play.Unfortunaly,they all wnated to go toilet the same time.But when they go,all thetoilet places ared full witch 3 minion pigs.They go in a basic wooben toilet and they don't seemed to haved any place to stay.Later on they foonded that they are locked.After that they are upset.Chuck suggested to go from the air went.At the start Blue Jay entered but Chuck and Red no.Afterwars they pushed away along witch the Blue Jay towars.They found a toilet world ans entered in.Gameplay shows up.


It's the same.Throuch,you have new items snice toilets.


  1. Underpath's Giving
  2. Toilet Takeover
  3. Up! Down!
  4. Golden Toilets

Availble on

There's no many devices yet,but if you want,add more!

  • PC
  • Android

Availble Versions

  • Angry Birds:Toilet Underpath HD
  • Angry Birds:Toilet Underpath Free

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