The Title Menu Of Angry Birds:The Revenge Of The Birds

Angry Birds:The Revenge Of The Birds is the latest game.This game is an RPG Role Playing Game


The gameplay of Angry Birds:The Revenge Of The Birds is just looks like the gameplays of other RPG games like the Final Fantasy Series


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    The Charaters Of Angry Birds:The Revenge Of The Birds

    Protgonist General Red Bird (Red Bird) former warrior of General Risson Bird (Traitor Bird) commanded by Emperor Bird to get the eggs back
  • Blue Bird is the smallest of all the Wingless family birds one of the comrades of Red Bird
  • Yellow Bird is one of the comrades of Red Bird too.The fastest attacking member of the party.
  • Black Bird is the second strongest bird in the party.He used his superpower to destroy the Pig Kingdom Castle.
  • White Bird is the Atomic Egg Beater of the Bird Empire.She is the bird used to destroy the Pig Capitol.
  • Green Bird is the bird that has the longest beak causing him to go back when he attacks like a boomerang.
  • Orange Bird is the second smallest bird but his superpower attack the Big Bang he is the largest among all the birds.
  • Reddy Bird (Female Red Bird) the wife of General Red Bird.
  • Prince Bird the son of Emperor Bird and bestfriend of General Red Bird.
  • Emperor Bird is the ruler and emperor of the Bird Empire.He lives at the Bird Empire Palace with his Queen and son.


  • King Pig the ruler of the Pig Kingdom.he lives at the Pig Kingdom Castle.


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