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This game takes place at New Bird York,at 2045,The Time Bird War 2 Has Ended. The Turf Wars had started.


  • Training - Terence Brasi Trains Redo Trapani to be a mafia member
  • Turf War - This takes place when The Turf Wars Had begun
  • The First Bombs (Coming soon)

Coming Soon!!!!!!TBD


  • Terence Brasi(Terence/Big Brother Bird)
  • Hal-Do Trapani (Hal/Green/Boomerang Bird)
  • Terence Clemenza (Terence/Big Brother Bird)
  • Chuckko Lampone (Chuck/Yellow Bird)
  • Terence Corleone
  • Stella Corleone (Pink Bird)
  • Hally Corleone (Hal/Green Bird)
  • Michuck Corleone (Chuck/Yellow Bird)
  • Bubbles Hagen (Bubbles/Orange Bird)
  • Redo Corleone (Red/Red Bird)



  • Minion Pigs - The enemy mafia members/The Police.
  • Corporal Pig - The Police
  • Foreman/Moustache Pig - Chief McCluskey
  • Freckled Pig - Virgil Sollozo


Characters Portrayed

  • Terence Brasi - Luca Brasi
  • Hal-do Trapani - Aldo Trapani
  • Terence Clemenza - Peter Clemenza
  • Chukko Lampone - Rocco Lampone
  • Terence Corleone - Vito Corleone
  • Stella Corleone - Connie Corleone
  • Hally Corleone - Sonny Corleone
  • Michuck Corleone - Michael Corleone
  • Bubbles Hagen - Tom Hagen
  • Redo Corleone - Fredo Corleone


Coming Soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

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