Angry Birds:Special Editionis a fan-made special version of Angry Birds.It not proves many changes on the game or the gameplay,but only a little bit.


In a beautiful summer day,the birds are have many diferent things to do:Red was protecting the eggs,Chuck are runing,Bomb are eating ice cream and relaxing,Matilda enjoying the nature's beuty,the Blues playning a socer mach and Terence...hmmm...whell...nothing! Later on,a army of pigs attack.They not campture Red,not campture,Chuck,not Bomb,not the Blues and surely not Terence! But wait! Matilda's gone! The pigs capture her and the birds needed to safe her.


There are not episodes yet,only a weekly episode.

Birds and Pigs


  1. Red
  2. The Blues
  3. Chuck
  4. Bomb
  5. Terence


  1. Minion Pigs
  2. Helmet Pigs
  3. King Pig
  4. Queen Pig

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