Angry Birds:Red Bird turned into a cube it's about Red Bird turned into a alife,Red Cube.Surely,the pigs do not give up to keep stealing the Flock's eggs.


When the the other birds go for a vacation,(not seen in any cutscenses of the game) Red and Chuck stay to keep an eye to the eggs.After the pigs steal again the eggs,a mysterius lighting comes from the clounds and makes Red Bird become a cubic shape.Yellow Bird start to panic over the island.He starts to scream to every plece of the island.Later on,he start to pushing Red Bird (dowing the fact Red can't movie) over the Pig City.When they come Chuck start wanishing the pigs.



  1. Yellow Bird

Puchasble Birds

  1. Cubic Red Bird (can destroy structures much more eyeser because of his cubic shape)


  1. Minion Pigs
  2. Helmet Pig
  3. King Pig


  • This is the onlylest game witch only two birds.
  • Yellow Bird seems more silly and happy that his original personality like in the Angry Birds Toons episode "Chuck Time".

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