Angry Birds: Jetpack Joyride Is a award winner game from the creators of Angry Birds: Fruit Ninja. It's a upgrade for Jetpack Joyride.

The Game

This game follows the Jetpack Joyride style but, The power-ups Are replaced with the special ablity of the real birds. Plus it can be used in inflate times.

Here is the list:

Red Bird- Extra life (Only when Barry is defeated.)

Yellow Bird-Head Start

Blue Bird- Team Split

Black Bird- Bomb Attack

White Bird- Meteor Egg Shower (When Barry is flying.)

Bommerang Bird- Lets Barry goes backwards to find the things where he missed. (The time for the power-up is 0.10.)

Big Brother Bird- Lets Barry Become Giant for 20 seconds.

Dark Bird- Gives Barry The stone Power-up for him to turn obsitcles into Graves. (The time is 0.15.)

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