For The Bad Piggies counterpart,See The Page Bad Piggies:26th Century.

This Game is the Angry Birds Counterpart Of Future Earth Series Of Games.


Released:Oct 11,2013(2 Episodes including Meteoroids)


Episodes:50 Episodes


Super Red Bird- Screams-Male

Lazer Bird- Shoots Laser for 5 Seconds-Male

Lightning Birds- Splits into Three(Jay,Jake,Jim.)

Firebomb Bird- Explodes- Male

Terence- Moans-Male

Ice Bird-Freezes Things-Unknown

Robotic Bird(Al Bird)- Loops(Any Directon 1 Seconds)(Up,Left,Down)-Masculine Proggraming

Atom Bird- Inflates(For 2 Seconds)-Male

Bubble Bird(Stella Bird- Shoots Down Bubbles to trap Enemies(Target:Enemies)-Female

Space Birds Real

All The Birds(Minus Al,Bubbles and Stella)


Level 3-4 Birds-Free

Level 5 Birds-12.99

Level 6 Birds-19.50


Level 5 Birds

Super Red Bird-Increased Strength(Strong)(Lvl 3 Red Bird)

Lazer Bird-Increased Laser Time,Added Laser B

Firebomb Bird-Forces Structures And Pigs When Exploded.Increased Range(2.5 to 3.0)

Lightning Birds-Increased Strength(Medium(Each Bird))(Speed= 2.0)

Terence-Increased Speed(1.8 To 2.5)

Level 6 Birds

Super Red Bird-Increased Range Of Slingscope(Max. Level(Lvl 4 Red Bird))

Lazer Bird-Added Laser C(Lvl 4 Chuck Bird)

Firebomb Bird-Increased Explode Range(3.0 to 4.2)(Lvl 4 Bomb Bird

Lightning Birds-Increased Speed(2.0 To 3.5)

Terence-Increased Strength(Strong To Heavy Strong = 3.2 To 4.5)

Minor Characters

WALL -E(Waste Allocation Load Lifter -Earth class)-Appeared on story Video,Ceminatic trailer,Cutscenes and loading.On loading screen.He is Gathering trash and make them into cubes.

M-O(Microbe Obliterator)-Appeared on Ceminatic trailer,Cutscenes,Rovio Intro.In the Rovio Intro,He is Getting the Feathers of Letter O and I.On 3 Cutscenes,He Was Cleaning the sand on 1,Cleaning Wall-E on 2nd and the last and ending says The Ending of WALL-E That shows HAN-S,PR-T And other robots.

EVE(Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaulator)-She Appears on Rovio Intro and Cutscenes.In The Rovio Intro,She Fire gun at Letters R,O,V.

Mighty Things

The Zeppelin



Strength:99(Strong)(Lvl 8)

Fire Rate:1.5(Fast)(Lvl 8)

Laser Shot:20(Lvl 8)

Level 1

This Is Upgraded When Payed Once.



Fire Rate:1.0

Laser Shot:15


Level 2



Fire Rate:1.1

Laser Shot:16


Level 3



Fire Rate:1.1.8

Laser Shot:16


Level 4



Fire Rate:1.2.3

Laser Shot:17


Level 5



Fire Rate:1.2.9

Laser Shot:17


Level 6



Fire Rate:1.3.7

Laser Shot:18


Level 7



Fire Rate:1.4.6

Laser Shot:19


Level 8



Fire Rate:1.5

Laser Shot:20



Menu-Wall-E Music(With angry birds sound)

Part 1(18 secs)Wall E Music(Rovio's version)(Start)

2(2mins 20 Secs)Angry birds(Wall E Version)

3(16 secs)Wall E Music(Rovio's Version)(End)


Small Pig-Weak-Male

Medium Pig-Normal-Male

Big Pig-Normal-Strong-Male

Huge Pig- Strong-Male

Fat Pig- Normal(Because of Unhealthy)-Male

Moustache Pig-Strong-Male

Queen Pig-Very Strong-Female

King Pig-Very Strong-Male


Story Video(Angry birds:27th Century Story)


Angry Birds:27th Century/Transcript:AB:27th Century:Story Video Transcript


On A Big Ship.Birds Are Walking To The Portal To Al's Transformator Room.They Got To A Sphere That makes Like The Portal From 1 Video.Uses Energy To Make them Charged.5 Minutes Later.There was Now A Danger On The Digital Sign.Because The Ship Is Almost Near To The Polluted Earth.4 Minutes Later.Bomb Had Do Push The Driver Pig.After Attacking.He Controls The Ship To Earth But.Pigships Attack The Ship.Bomb is Pushing The Orange Button(Gun Shoot) And Shot The Laser to Pigships.Robotica Got To Bomb.But.Another Problem For Bomb is The Ship Might Crash On Earth.He Pulled The Gear To Auto.But Another Problem is The Ship Might Tilt.Later The Ship Tilted Like Axiom Tilting People To Southeast and Slide.The Birds And Pigs Are Screaming By The Tilt.Later.Everyone Seen The Digital Rectangle Says 30 Seconds To Hyperjump.But The Pigs And Birds Were Scared.But After Twenty Seconds.It Said 10 Seconds.But Many Pigs And Birds Are Saying Oh No!.After 10 Seconds.Reached To Zero And Do The Hyper Jump.But.After.The Ship Explode.Birds Are Shieled.They Explored Earth But The Eggs Are Gone.


Polluted Highways

1-1:Birds Come to Earth,Got To The Portal,Transformed To Superpower Birds(Level 3 Birds)Take Revenge To Pigs.

1-50:Birds Defeated Moustache Pig.

Sand Dunes

2-1:On 2:00pm,Birds Take Revenge Again,Got To Pigs.

2-45:Birds Defeated King Pig.Saved Al.

Sunset Takings

3-1:On 5:30pm.Birds Got To A Unknown Portal,Transformed To Megapower Birds(Minus Pink Bird) (Level 4 Birds),Another Revenge,Bomb Was Captured.

3-27:Birds Defeated Moustache Pig.

3-55:Birds Defeated King Pig,They Saved Bomb.

Dark Dusts

4-1:On 7:00pm,Birds Are Going To Revenge,The Dusteroids Are Stealed.

4-50:Birds Defeated Queen Pig,Dusteroids Are Saved.


1-Polluted Highways-50 Levels-1 Boss

2-Sand Dunes-45 Levels-1 Boss

3-Sunset Takings-55 Levels-2 Bosses

4-Dark Dust-50 Levels-1 Boss

5-Saturn Skies- 55 Levels- 3 Bosses

6-The Eclipse of Unknown-50 Levels-3 Bosses

7-Pigs Of The City-65 Levels-3 Bosses

8-Dust o Hogs-40 Levels- 1 Boss

9-The Road Of Dawn- 2 Boss

10-The Path To The Night- 4 Bosses

11-Blind Bright-2 Bosses

12-Stone Sand-5 Bosses

13-The Valley Of Smokey Mountains More Soon.


Oct 3,2013-The Game is Announced.

Oct 11,2013-Game is Released.Available For $3.99.

Oct 12,2013-The Trailer is Released On YouTube.

Dec 14,2013-Episode 3 Released.15 Levels Released.(1.1)

Jan 23,2014-30 Levels Released On Episode 3.(1.2)

Feb 16,2014-All Levels Released On Episode 3.(1.3)

March 20,2014-Powerups Added.(2.0)

April 9,2014-Episode 4 Released.20 Levels Released.(2.1)

May 21,2014-40 Levels Released On Episode 4.(2.2)

June 23,2014-All Levels Released on Episode 4.(2.3)

Aug 2,2014-Bugs Fixed.(3.0)

Sept 17,2014-Episode 5 Released.24 Levels Released.(3.1)

Dec 28,2014-All Levels Released In Episode 5.(3.2)

Power ups

Slingscope(Sligshot Upgrade)

More soon.


1.Launch Ice bird and He Did not Explode.(Fixed on 1.2)

2.You Have 0 GB At your Computer,Enough memory to download,When you enter the Game.No Sounds were Played.(Not changed on settings)(Fixed on 1.1)


If A User(Not Admin)Ruins Or Editing This Page(Other From Cherylfrancis3000)Will Be Blocked.

For admins/ can Edit it but Not to ruin or else lose your admin.(For Founder.Blocked)

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