Angry birds 10


The pigs stole the eggs again! As king pig was about to eat them, the eggs hatched! New breeds had came. Then king pig found 10 new laid eggs....


  • Red bird
  • Blue bird
  • Yellow bird
  • Black bird
  • White bird
  • Green bird
  • Big brother bird
  • Orange bird
  • Purple bird
  • Gray bird
  • Navy bird
  • Female red bird


  • Small pig
  • Medium pig
  • Large pig
  • Helmet pig
  • Flying pig
  • Moustache pig
  • King pig
  • Queen pig


  1. Scrambled eggs
  2. Inside-out
  3. Lights! Camera! Distraction!
  4. Doom!
  5. Eggs & Bacon
  6. Pig cafe
  7. Breakfast for Dinner
  8. It's About Swine!
  9. Last battle
  10. Golden eggs
  11. The Splited Ones
  12. The Birds' Rage

Purchasable bird

For $0.99, you can purchase Teal Bird.

Unlockable episode

When buying an angry birds:10 plush toy use the code to unlock Treasure Room.

When done with one episode, play the quest to unlock The Splited Ones

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