The App if you look sideways.

Angry Birdies is a sequel to the original Angry Birds.


After many years, the eggs finally hatch and the pigs stop bothering the birds. Now it's flight school for the little birdies, until it is interrupted and the pigs catch their parents. Now the birds must learn to fly by themselves, with help from the Blue Bird who the pigs thought was a baby.



  • Junior Red (screams)
  • Blue Bird (has three lives)


  • Aim E. (shoots lasers at pigs)
  • Chompy (can eat pigs)
  • Super Birdie (punches pigs)
  • Slow Flo (slows down time so she can move)
  • Flood (turns all random objects into water)
  • Yu Churr (turns into his future self, becomes bigger)
  • Invisabella (removes all pigs for 10 seconds)
  • Luke Lock (can lock up pigs until third bird's turn)


  • Mighty Egg (removes all pigs)
  • Egg (hits some pigs on the head with eggs)


This game is different from Angry Birds, as it does not have a slingshot except in the cutscenes before every level. You are a bird trying to fly to the cage with birds (fake birds in every normal level) but must dodge Flying Pigs and Balloon Pigs by moving somewhere else on the screen. The player must get three birds to the cages in each level. Each bird has one life except for the Blue Bird(s). However, each bird can destroy pigs if they touch the screen before they hit a pig.


  1. Flight Preschool
  2. See You Laser
  3. Cafeteria Food
  4. Schools in the Old Days
  5. Take It Slow in Kindergarten
  6. Summer Break
  7. Skipping 1st Grade
  8. Birds Only Schools
  9. Detention for Pigs
  10. Four, Five, Flight
  11. No Longer Elementary, My Dear Winged Son
  12. Egg+s (Golden Eggs)

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