A combination.

Angry Bird Breeder is a game where you can breed Angry Birds characters. Once they are breeded you can put them in any Angry Birds game. You have a character list, showing your breeds.



  • Red Bird + Blue Bird = Purple Bird
  • Blue Bird + White Bird = Sky Blue Bird
  • Medium Pig + Orange Bird = Pig Bird
  • Black Bird + White Bird = Gray Bird
  • Ice Bird + Red Bird = Super Red Bird
  • Ice Bird + Female Red Bird = Female Super Red Bird
  • King Pig + Red Bird = King Bird
  • Pink Bird + Black Bird = Dark Pink Bird (Dark Pink the color)
  • Ice Bird + Orange Bird = Atom Bird
  • Ice Bird + Big Brother Bird = Green Terence
  • Cubic Bird + Medium Pig = Cube Pig
  • Fat Pig + Fat Pig = Obese Pig


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