Different color versions of Angry Birds.

Red=Strawberry Red

Sort of pinkish.  Shoots a strawberry seed.

Chuck=Buttercup Chuck

A lighter yellow.  Faster.

The Blues=The Indingoes

Indingo in color.  Increased damage.

Bomb=Atomic Bomb

Somewhat simaliar to Atomic Bird except red not blue.  Like Atomic Bird but does more damage than Bomb.

Matilda=Snowy Matilda

Brighter white.  Larger eggs.

Al(Hal)=Cedar Al(Hal).

Cear leaf colored.  Extra Dmage.

Terence=Extreme Terence

Looks like a superhero.  His noise damages enemies.

Bubbles=Peach Bubbles

Lighter orange. Bigger inflation.

Stella=Lilac Stella

Lilac color.  Bubble surrounds whole structure

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