Albino Bird
Albino Bird
General Info
Powers None, he acts like a pig
First Level Appearance: None
Gender: Male
Species: Rare Bird
Locations: None
Strength: Strong
Size: Medium

Albino Bird is one of the ONLY birds that are with the pigs.


His parents were Female Albino Bird and Old Albino Bird. They were attacked by Pigs (The pigs hated them for hurting them during the night) and put in cages. After Albino Bird's egg hatched, he was alone, in a wooden building. He soon went exploring, he met the Angry Birds, but White Bird became his enemy. Every time they worked with each other, they got angry. Red Bird was thinking about how to settle this. He kicked Albino Bird out of the Flock and he left. Later, he was just jumping and he met some Pigs that were the same as him. He joined them, after they were killed, he left to find more. Now, the Green Pigs let him in to their group, and he ALWAYS survives. He gets knocked out if a Bird hits him, he turns into a Corpse, and he leaves at the end of the level.


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