Angry Kill Chamber is a short tribute to ESP's stick figure game Creative Kill Chamber. The game itself is mainly the length of an Angry Birds episode.


The first cutscene starts with Red Bird, Blu, and Green Belt Bird Waking up in different stations of the Creative Kill Chamber. However, Red Bird and Green Belt Bird are cadged, and Blu is cuffed on the other side of the building. In order to reach the others, Blu is forced to kill the pigs in way by useing multiple weapons and guns. Upon reaching the others, Blu uses his last weapon as a crowbar to get them out. However, the pigs surround them, and they are put in another cage. This time, the birds refuse to stay captured, and break out, and after fighting through various rooms, the trio gets to King Pig. After a long fight, Red Bird, Blu, and Green Belt Bird seem to beat King, but he gets in an escape pod and escapes the CKC. The trio is left in the CKC with the pigs, and after going through multiple rooms, the exsausted birds escape.

Epilogue: In this final level, the Bomb Birds tear down the CKC for good, and the final cutscene shows Blu, Red and Green Belt walking in the sunset with their friends and families.


  • While playing as just Blu, the player for the first time doesen't use the slingshot, but guides Blu by taping the certain part of the screen where they want him to go.
  • The weapons Blu uses are the following, and in this order: Smooth Pebble, Ak47, Desert Eagle, Climbing Claws, Combat Knife, Space Magnum Pistol, Space Assult Rifle with Frag Grenades,T1 Tech Bow and Explosive Arrows.
  • When a Pig is killed they dissapear and show how many points are earned before they dissapear, there is no blood.
  • You use the slingshot when Red Bird and Belt Bird are found.
  • Music Used-Original CKC Sondtrack

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