He is a bird who is the size of Deadly. He is also other than 9000 Year Old Giga Pig. He was born August 18th, 1,000 BC and much, much, much, much, much older than the others. He can still live on the very, very, very far future. Even in The End of Our Universe!!! His Flock name is Gigant. He cannot be killed and he is immortal. God Bird created him.


When he was created by God Bird , he had much more feathers than the average bird. So, he reduced his feathers making him less fluffy. He was named as Gigant. In 1900, he met Nuri and KiwI in the House of Giant Birds. In 1929, he learnt about everything. He can predict the past even though far from his birth date! In 1,000,000 AD, he'll be there for you.

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